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Commission Gallery


Creating a commission piece is an organic process, from original sketches to final hand delivery.  It brings me joy to work with my clients and collaborate creatively on the final vision of a piece. Each ceramic piece is individually handmade and fired in my studio.  I am drawn to incorporating organic natured materials that offer texture found in natural fibers and textiles. I work within a range of clay bodies to achieve a cohesive piece, from porcelain to a variety of hues in stoneware. 

Porcelain Waterfall

ceramic wall art, ceramics, wall decor, interior decor

Dimensions: 2 1/4" L X 4' H

My pieces are inspired by nature and landscapes of this beautiful earth.  Each piece is an extension of my soul and how I view the majesty of the space we are gifted to live and breathe.  

Moon Rising

ceramic wall decor, wall installations, interior decor, ceramics

Dimensions: 13" W X 34" H

Form, texture, shadow, and sound all play a role in the creation of my pieces.  My intention is to express a sense of peace, tranquility, and interest through each shape, texture, gradation and harmony of neutrals.

Sandstone Waterfall

ceramic wall art, ceramics, home decor, interior decor

Dimensions: 20"W X 36"H

Each piece is unique and speaks to the clay body chosen for its intended environment.  Stoneware has a grit and sand to it that breaths an easy casualness to it.  Stoneware can be found in a variety of colors, individual pieces and colors can be mixed to create interest, and a cohesive color palette.  Raw, unglazed clay creates a beautiful texture and can be washed with a translucent layer for a two tone effect.

Moon Shadow

ceramic wall art, ceramics, wall decor, interior decor

Dimensions: 12" W X 40" H

A variety of glazes can elevate a piece as well as create texture and interest.  Glazes can create a mood of elegance when shiny or a casual understated sophistication when fired in a matte hue.

Timeless Toroid

ceramic wall art, ceramics, home decor, interior decor

Dimensions: 9"W X 30"H

The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, and God.  A very meaningful shape when considering a commission piece to adorn a home or business.

Dimpled Toroid

wall art, ceramic wall decor, ceramics, home decor, interior decor

Dimensions: 13"W X 34" H

Pricing is based upon the size and difficulty of the piece.  Once we connect, discuss the project in detail and timeline, I will submit a personalized commission work order. Generally original commission pieces require 10 weeks; however, 8 weeks can be accommodated for a 25% rush fee depending on the scope of the project.