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My creating process is slow.  Ceramics is exceptionally slow, from throwing a form, hand sculpting, hand carving texture, the drying process, bisque firing, and the final glaze fire.  None of my ceramics will ever move at a fast pace.  This process is what  forces me to slow down.  It cannot be rushed. Ceramics places my mind into a state of concentration, blocking out all external distractions.   My creating intention is to be at peace with small batches of inventory.

denai jones: ceramics, pottery, handmade, artist, slow creating

denai jones: ceramics, pottery, artist, slow creating, handmade

What Brings Me Joy

I love working with my hands, making things is a deep part of who I am.  I am also a very tactile person and ceramics is a responsive medium. It is a joy to work with a material that comes directly from the earth. The feel and smell of clay is indescribable.  I adore the way the clay moves, bends, folds, and transforms. There are so many similarities between making ceramics and life.  I believe this description is what drew me back to it in my shadow period. 

denai jones: artist, ceramics, pottery, handmade, slow creating

My Evolution

It takes decades to master ceramics successfully, and my pieces are nowhere near perfection, but I am happy to share my evolution along the way.  I have studied the last four years under Mark Churchill Ceramics in Ojai.  He has taught me the methodical steps of creating on the wheel, the drying process, trimming each individual piece, the unexpected results from the firing process, and the magic of glazes. Ojai, California is my birthplace and has a magnetic draw to my spirit.  I feel honored to be a part of a Mark Churchill’s private studio and included in a  very small village of ceramicists.  It is a wonderful community of maker’s that inspire, share, and support one another.

My work is made in my home ceramic studio.  My handmade pieces are fired in my personal electric kiln and in Mark Churchill’s gas fired kiln, previously owned and gifted by Otto Heino.  Otto was a master potter and influence on American ceramics. The gas fired kiln is masterfully tended to by Mark himself, and I feel privileged to be a part of the work that included in this sacred kiln. Both gas and electric kilns offer very different results and that is the magic of firing.

There is so much to learn from great ceramicists-- who have much more experience with success and failure in clay.  I am grateful to be on this journey and thankful you have joined me along my way.