curly hair tutorial

denai jones curly hair tutorial


What is the MOST asked question I get? “What products do you use on your hair?” It's true. My motivation for sharing this information is so that I don’t have to write it down or explain the process without visuals. Now I can just send everyone to this Journal entry. Let me first state, that the steps and products that work for my hair­-- may not work for your hair.  

DeNai Jones curly hair tutorial
My hair is naturally curly; however I do get a body perm once a year to train my curls into more consistent ringlets.  My curls can be inconsistent on different parts of my scalp.  My hairdresser uses the ABBA perm, largest perm rollers, and runs them vertically on my head.


As for products, I love the ABBA product line, not only for its results but that they are clean and pure. They are vegan, gluten free, DEA Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, and Sodium and Sulfate Free.  I have used this brand for twenty years, tried others and always come back to their product line.  This is not an endorsement, just honest feedback.

curly hair tutorial

I love the ABBA Coconut & Sage Shampoo because it protects my highlights and makes my curls bouncy.  I then use the ABBA Moisture Conditioner and use a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles under the shower water, this helps with less breakage. This step changed the health of my hair, I used to comb out the tangles after a shower.  I love the ABBA Cherry Bark Leave In Conditioner.  I comb this through my hair and then turban my hair with a normal towel while getting ready.  This Leave In Conditioner helps keep my curls moisturized and not dry.


curly hair tutorial
My hair texture looks much less frizzy, if I diffuse my curls.  Many naturally curly hair people can just let their hair air dry at this point (I wish this were the case for me).  I go the extra step with a few products and the diffuser attachment for my hair dryer.  I get best results when I wet my hair completely with a spray bottle after removing my towel.  This step brings the curls back to ringlets and prepares it for the product.  I use four pumps of the AG Re:coil Curl Activator and work through the hair with my fingers.  I then use 3/4 of a pump with the Paul Mitchel Super Clean Sculpting Gel and work through the hair with my fingers.  I use a non terry, cotton dish towel to scrunch and dry the excess wetness.  I try to be as gentle as possible at this stage and not shake the curls up or it will create frizz.  I like using the Revlon 1875W Damage Protection Infrared Hair Dryer on the warm setting, not hot.  The warm setting helps with keeping curls healthy. Any hair dryer will do, I just happen to like this one. The diffuser that comes with the hair dryer is not my favorite.  The holes are too big and push too much air out to create frizz. I prefer the Conair Volumizing Diffuser. Scrunch as you go so that there isn't a crispy residue showing on the curls. I prefer to completely dry my curls and not leave them partially wet, I seem to get more bounce throughout the day.  I do a little bit of teasing at the roots with the wide tooth comb for volume.  I like volume, Dolly Parton will always be my muse.  This whole process takes about ten minutes. I give a few sprays of the Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray to keep the frizz down and set the curls.

In sharing my curly hair tips, I hope you unlock your bouncy locks and find joy in a new look!

curly hair tutorial


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